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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello Hello Hello

By FAR I am the luckiest girl on planet earth. I have never felt so humbled and smitten by all of my beautiful clients that have come to me this year and the years past. Thank you to each and every one of you. Without YOU my dreams could not have come true. I LOVE my work and I love what I do. Everything about it... and then some. All of you that I have become so close to, get to know and meet, keep in touch and see over and over again. It is by far my true honor to capture you and your family to the most natural way you all are so you can remember for years to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

As this year is coming to an end and the new year is about to begin, which I still cant believe, I do have many plans and adventures planed for the upcoming year. Some of which I said I would do before and never ended up doing them. I know .. I know ... but life takes over. Between kids and family ...which most of the time they do come first. : ))  and then work, the hobbies and so much more.  It is sometimes mind boggling how I keep up. I try my best and sometimes I succeed in what I say I will do and change and sometimes I don't. Blogging here is one of my hardest things to do. I am mover and a goer... all day long. 

However, that said I do have many plans for next year and hopes I will follow them through and get much done and accomplished. My list is a mile long. From a new logo to web site to more posting images to so so so much. Since I had my surgery, I am down for a few months, which gives me the opportunity to do just that and hopefully catch up as well. It's amazing how much there is to owning your own business. 

For now I would very much like you to enjoy your Pre-Christmas Season. Stop for a minute and breath ... don't let the stress get to you and remember what Christmas is all about. 

I will try to return more often with news, post lots of images from sessions and then some more. For now,  I will let my foot heal and recover and work on my mile long list. My hopes are to begin shooting again in April, but check back for updates. Hopefully I can blow them doctors away with a faster recovery. 

Come join me on Pinterest and Facebook if you can. There are many things happening too, wardrobe choices, session ideas and so much more. 

For now I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Love, a. : )

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