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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ohhh My GOSH ........

I had the pleasure and honor of spending time and photographing some amazing kids. I have to say, this IS why I LOVE my job so much. I had the best time and one I will never forget. 
It was the perfect day. We all had such a fun time, talking, laughing, sharing stories, and taking pictures. 
It really didn't feel like work at all, just out having a blast and a good time. 
Did I mention this family was new to me and I never met them before, but after 5 minutes, it seemed like we knew each other for years. 

This is what it's all about. Having fun, capturing your kids and family in their absolute natural way, their essence, remembering what a good time we had. 

To the "B" Family, THANK YOU so so much. Your kids are absolutely fabulous, funny, cute, and make me laugh. You are amazing parents. I loved every minute with you guys and was bummed when the session ended. I can NOT wait to see you again and watch your children grow up. 

Love, a.  : ) 

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