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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello everyone, 

As you all know, I am in love with life and love kids.
My heart breaks when I see kids that are not as blessed as mine and yours.

I am one to help where ever I can 
I will do what ever I can
I will pull all my weight and strength 

So here I am asking you to help as well. 

Read the following post that was written by JB Sallee

Today we all went to visit three of the poorest orphanages in Ecuador and try to bring a little joy into the kids day! This image is from the first orphange we went to. Their bed were so filthy and urine soaked that we all decided that we are going back in the morning and replaceing ALL of their beds with fresh new ones and burning the old ones! to make this happen we need donations, PLEASE give what you can, not only do they need the basics like fresh food, clean beds to sleep on, toys to play with but they also need love and attention, if you would like to come with DeEtte and I on the next trip please let us know! If you would like to help right now while we are here and donate to get these chilren what they need, please log onto the link below and click on "Chip In" to donate and know that I am here to personally make sure that EVERY cent you donate goes to helping the kids, thank you so much for your love and help...jb :)

The people above listed are Photographers 
They also help where ever they can
They also will do what ever they can 
They also pull all their weight and strength 

But they also need your help

Out of the goodness of their hearts 
no penny earned or made
self paying 
they went to Ecuador to see what they can do to 

So please can you HELP !!!

go to

and do whatever you can to help
If your on facebook please join them 

Thank you Thank you Thank you 
from the bottom of my heart

Love a. : )