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Friday, February 25, 2011

Had to share ........

When I post images and I get responses, I am always very very happy and excited. I love each and everyone. As artists, we can never get enough to encourage our art and work. It's what we strive for. Need... Want ... Desire... 
Without them we would probably not continue. Why would we ? 
I mean, words are so powerful. 

When I posted family images a few days ago,  I received a comment that brought tears to my eyes. 

I was never so moved before. I've gotten tons but for some reason this one hit home. 

So I thought I would share it. 

Axi, you have a talent that most people do not possess. You are magical my friend. Your perspective and the life you breath into a photo shoot is magical! Don't ever stop blessing us with your gift!

Thank you Michelle. It is much appreciated and I cant thank you enough to take the time to write me. 
You as an artist yourself, completely understand how much we feed on words like that. 

Miss you !!!

Love a. : ) 

If you want to see what Michelle has to offer, head on over. She is an amazing artist herself. I love her products and use them daily.

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