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Friday, February 25, 2011

Had to share ........

When I post images and I get responses, I am always very very happy and excited. I love each and everyone. As artists, we can never get enough to encourage our art and work. It's what we strive for. Need... Want ... Desire... 
Without them we would probably not continue. Why would we ? 
I mean, words are so powerful. 

When I posted family images a few days ago,  I received a comment that brought tears to my eyes. 

I was never so moved before. I've gotten tons but for some reason this one hit home. 

So I thought I would share it. 

Axi, you have a talent that most people do not possess. You are magical my friend. Your perspective and the life you breath into a photo shoot is magical! Don't ever stop blessing us with your gift!

Thank you Michelle. It is much appreciated and I cant thank you enough to take the time to write me. 
You as an artist yourself, completely understand how much we feed on words like that. 

Miss you !!!

Love a. : ) 

If you want to see what Michelle has to offer, head on over. She is an amazing artist herself. I love her products and use them daily.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from a grandma that was interested in a photo session as a gift to her family. Her son, daughter-in-law and 2 grand kids. They live in New Jersey and were coming in town for the holidays. As much as I wanted to take time off my heart just went out to her and if you know me very well, you know I cant say no to photo session because I LOVE doing them so much. Well, when I talked to MarieAnne and listened to her vision and what she had in mind I was Psyched to the hills. I had all kinds of ideas running through my head. 
So the day came and Ohh... wow... I fell in lOVE with them right away. The kids were so so cute and adorable. MarieAnne and her hubby were just the perfect couple. So we started out and did our thing and then my vision went right down the tube. I had planned a few things but sometimes things just don't go as planned which in this case was PERFECT !!! I truly just went with the flow of the kids. They wanted do things a little different which was fine by me and I am so glad. I love taking the cues and follow kids around and go with their vision. That's is what it's all about. 
So we ended up on the floor, had a tea session, did some family art work, walked in moms shoes, cuddle and snuggle, laughing and joking, tickles and acting silly plus stickers and colors. 
FUN ... FUN ... FUN ... 
I don't know how many images I took, but all i did was keep taking them and it was so hard to choose later which ones to pick. 

I am so so beyond happy I met this beautiful and wonderful family. 
I can NOT wait to do more sessions in their future and see the kids grow up. They are truly a picture perfect family. 

By the way... MarieAnne has a very very cool career. I just have to share this with you. Why ? You ask, well I simply never met anybody that has this kind of career. She designs children's perfume. How cool is that ? I mean really... so so cool. 

Dear MarieAnne and family, Thank you so so much for coming into my world and being part of it. You are all amazing and so very kind and wonderful. I appreciate your mother in law finding me and choosing me to take many beautiful portraits for you to enjoy a life time. I can not wait to see you guys again. 

Enjoy the images I am sharing here. 

Love, a. : ) 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The First 
Deer Path School 

What a good time I had. Thank you so much for coming out to see me. It was great to meet so many new faces and see the old ones. Your support is very much appreciated. 

Thank you also to everyone that help me organize and work this awesome event. 

Miss K. - could have not done it without you. xoxoxo 

Check out some of the images that I took with my point and shoot almost out of battery camera. LOL 

Love,  a. : ) 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Place ......
Is where I am. Where I hoped on being. Where I want to be. Where I plan on being for the next gazillion years. 

However, sometimes it’s just not so easy. Life, work, kids, changes, weather, etc., all get a little overwhelming. Especially when you try to do everything at the same time. Then throw in that I never went to college for business, parenting, life, reading a radar, etc. I went to school for something totally different then what my life is right now. Nothing at all to be exact. Then I am thinking and wishing everything comes with a user manual to make it a little easier.  Especially the kids part (LOL), but most of all the business end. That part I never had any interest in nor anticipating on needing to know.

So here I am, trying like heck to learn and figure out this business thing. I got the kid and life portion down. Changes and weather I think are in the same category and both I can handle fairly good as well. Even though you can’t trust the weather man and you can never predict any changes. 

I am one that truly believes in learning continuously, it is very important in any profession as well as life. Probably has to do with the previous profession I had when continuing education was a requirement. So when I tried to learn about business, I seriously did not think it would be so difficult. I mean how hard can it be? You open a few books, google a hundred million times, read some blogs, ask a few questions, listen to others and try to adapt and apply. Right? Wrong!! I tried a million things. Which really, there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion? Try.. Analyze.. Change. Retry ... analyze.. Change and so on and so on. You get the idea. Well, after doing that for a while it get’s old. You loose confidence and hope. Disappointed and frustrated I looked for help. 

Facebook is a wonderful thing. Are you a fan of mine by the way? No? Head on over there and click LIKE.  It’s what I did when I saw a thing called Easy as Pie. I mean who wouldn’t want to click on something like that. After researching and reading and LOVING everything I was seeing. Here is this photographer talking all about the business end of owning a photography business. Now remember, this is something I knew nothing about and everything she seemed to. Then I found out that she started out the same way I did. Knew nothing about business. To make it easier on fellow photographers, she started writing a books. Yes, a book. I said, “ WHAT, REALLY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ' she had my complete attention. I continued to sign up to her Free Business 101 E-course. Occasionally, I would receive one of her emails with important business stuff. I read it and fell even more in love with this women. By now I am thinking proposal. LOL. Then she comes out with a new book called The Happy Place. I read her first chapter as always and was hooked, line and sinker. A business plan! I am thinking marriage at this point. I bought it and read it and I am so happy and excited. So easy to read and relate. I swear she’s been secretly watching me. She points out everything there is to point out. Mistakes, ideas, plans, worksheets, etc., but the thing that got me the most besides her humor was the love she has for life. The ONE thing she says to keep in mind during this whole change. Exactly the thing that has been eating me up the most. Trying to balance and learn it all. Family and Business. SO, not only does she hand me the information on pretty much a silver platter, but she also relates to me. Helping in life style change as well as business. 
With all that said, I am very excited to make positive changes in my business here at Photography by Alexandra Delatorre to make things better for me, my family and my awesome clients, present and future. Changes that will NOT have to be tried, reanalyzed and changed again. I do understand that things will have to be tweaked  here and there and that is okay. Knowing that my new found friend ( I call her my friend now since she saved my butt) will be here for help and continuing encouragement as well as new information or shall we say always something up her sleeve. 
If you are a photographer starting out or have been in business for a while and need the same kick in the butt like I did, or you are simply just fed up with how things are running in your LIFE and BUSINESS, then you need to get a hold of:
Alicia Caine
You can find her at:
To Alicia,  Thank you is not exactly the right phrase, nor does it seem enough but it is the simplest one. I am forever grateful. You are an inspiration and so funny. I love reading your stuff and learning from you, it is an every day adventure. I am looking forward to many more years with you. Please don’t worry, I wont propose or marry you, not sure my hubby would approve. LOL 
Love, a.: ) 

Come Visit me......

Deer Path School 

February 11, 2011


I'll be there with all the other Vendor/Crafters 

There will be lots of 
many new items featured for you to look at.

Brand NEW stuff !!

There may even be some goodies and surprises. You know me, I always have something up my sleeve. 

You don't want to miss it, believe me. 

Stop on by, 

February 11 2011 @6pm Deer Path School in Cary Illinois

See you there. 

Love, a. : )