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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ohhh My GOSH ........

I had the pleasure and honor of spending time and photographing some amazing kids. I have to say, this IS why I LOVE my job so much. I had the best time and one I will never forget. 
It was the perfect day. We all had such a fun time, talking, laughing, sharing stories, and taking pictures. 
It really didn't feel like work at all, just out having a blast and a good time. 
Did I mention this family was new to me and I never met them before, but after 5 minutes, it seemed like we knew each other for years. 

This is what it's all about. Having fun, capturing your kids and family in their absolute natural way, their essence, remembering what a good time we had. 

To the "B" Family, THANK YOU so so much. Your kids are absolutely fabulous, funny, cute, and make me laugh. You are amazing parents. I loved every minute with you guys and was bummed when the session ended. I can NOT wait to see you again and watch your children grow up. 

Love, a.  : ) 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 2011 Newsletter 
Hello everyone, 
I hope you all are enjoying your summer. I know it has been a rough one for many of us with storms, power loss, flooding and severe heat. Hang in there and enjoy the rest of the summer, because soon we will be shoveling snow again and whine because it’s cold. :) 
It has been a very busy summer for me and my family. With kids out of school and trying to keep up with work has been a challenge but fun. Fishing, swimming, picnics, parties, friends, parks, baating and so on. I cant believe summer is almost of over and school is starting soon but, I have to admit, I am happy. LOL 
I want to thank you - my wonderful clients that are so royal and patient with me. I just love you all and could not imagine this happening without you. You are truly making my dreams come true. SO:  
With that all said, believe it or not Fall and Christmas is right around the corner. I know for some of you that is hard to believe but for me it isn’t. I look at my session calendar and I finally put together a schedule for all of you. 
The fall schedule is out. WOOHOOO If you wish to schedule a session with me, I recommend to call the studio asap. 224-629-0424. I am only accepting a limited amount of clients to leave room for newborns and clients that have year long packages. I had to reduce my hours a tat in order to concentrate on faster editing and better customer service. The behind work is so much more then most think. It is not fair to you or me. So please CALL me if you wish to have a fall session, with pretty little trees and leaves. I will not be able to squeeze or make exception. I do have plenty of outdoor locations to choose from. Most all will be in the Cary area. Traveling to other locations will be on a first come service. 
I will also have one weekend day mini session marathon for those wishing to use them for Christmas cards. The theme will be a huge surprise + only revealed to those interested. If you know me, it will be funky, unique, unusual, creative and tons and tons of fun. Contact me for details if you wish to schedule, 224-629-0424 or are interested in this event. A special price package will be made available and sessions will be 15-30 min long with 2-3 digital images for you to use. 
Dead line for all sessions will be December 4th. The studio will then be closed until January. More details to come on the exact dates. 
In 2012 lots of changes will be happening. New Logo, blog, web site, services, packages, better customer service, and so so much more. It will BLOW you away. I cant wait to share it with you all, but for now it’s a little secret and a big surprise. So be on the look out in January for all the details. 
If you have any questions, concerns, comments or whatever your heart desires, please just call me or drop me an email. 
Love, a : ) 
Studio: 224-629-0424

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello my friends, I 

just wanted to do a quick shout out to all 

of you.

I am

 just about fully booked for August.

If you want to schedule a  

session PLEASE call asap. 

I leave room for newborn sessions and clients 

that have contracts with me. 

I also am currently working

on a fall schedule. If you wish to have a fall

 session email me so I can put you on the


know this is hard to think about, but 

Christmas will

 be right around the corner and Christmas cards

 will be high in demand again with your 

beautiful family on them. So keep that in mind. 

I may do mini sessions this year. If this is 

something that would work for you and you would

 be interested in let me know. 

Thanks and have a great day. 

Love, a. : )

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a wonderful day here at PBAD .... 

busy as ever. 

I just wanted to give you all a shout that 

sessions are booking up extremely fast right

 now. If you are planning on having a session 

PLEASE call me or email me. I would just cry and

 crumble if I cant get you in. Weekends are 

limited as always in order to spend time with my

 boys this summer.

Also ......

New Boutique Items have been added.

New Sevices for all Clients 

New Logo and Material - woot woot

All will be featured and shown soon,

as well as of course  the new STUDIO!!

Can you tell I am SUPER excited!!

Plus more help has been hired. 

Just to make things more smooth and calmer to

 serve you even better and from me getting more

grey hair. : ))))

 Have a great EASTER Everyone  !!


If you have not had a chance to check out 

Cozybebe, come on over they are flying off the


Love, a. : ) 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


When was the last time you had your pictures taken with your mom 


you and your kids ? 

Is your Mom in town for mothers day ? 

How about updating them. 

I'm sure it's been a while.

In honor of Mothers day you will receive a 

Free 11x14 

yes free

if you book a session for you and your mom/kids. 

Call today and book it. You wont regret it. 

I promise. : )


Love, a. : ) 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello everyone, 

As you all know, I am in love with life and love kids.
My heart breaks when I see kids that are not as blessed as mine and yours.

I am one to help where ever I can 
I will do what ever I can
I will pull all my weight and strength 

So here I am asking you to help as well. 

Read the following post that was written by JB Sallee

Today we all went to visit three of the poorest orphanages in Ecuador and try to bring a little joy into the kids day! This image is from the first orphange we went to. Their bed were so filthy and urine soaked that we all decided that we are going back in the morning and replaceing ALL of their beds with fresh new ones and burning the old ones! to make this happen we need donations, PLEASE give what you can, not only do they need the basics like fresh food, clean beds to sleep on, toys to play with but they also need love and attention, if you would like to come with DeEtte and I on the next trip please let us know! If you would like to help right now while we are here and donate to get these chilren what they need, please log onto the link below and click on "Chip In" to donate and know that I am here to personally make sure that EVERY cent you donate goes to helping the kids, thank you so much for your love and help...jb :)

The people above listed are Photographers 
They also help where ever they can
They also will do what ever they can 
They also pull all their weight and strength 

But they also need your help

Out of the goodness of their hearts 
no penny earned or made
self paying 
they went to Ecuador to see what they can do to 

So please can you HELP !!!

go to

and do whatever you can to help
If your on facebook please join them 

Thank you Thank you Thank you 
from the bottom of my heart

Love a. : ) 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Had to share ........

When I post images and I get responses, I am always very very happy and excited. I love each and everyone. As artists, we can never get enough to encourage our art and work. It's what we strive for. Need... Want ... Desire... 
Without them we would probably not continue. Why would we ? 
I mean, words are so powerful. 

When I posted family images a few days ago,  I received a comment that brought tears to my eyes. 

I was never so moved before. I've gotten tons but for some reason this one hit home. 

So I thought I would share it. 

Axi, you have a talent that most people do not possess. You are magical my friend. Your perspective and the life you breath into a photo shoot is magical! Don't ever stop blessing us with your gift!

Thank you Michelle. It is much appreciated and I cant thank you enough to take the time to write me. 
You as an artist yourself, completely understand how much we feed on words like that. 

Miss you !!!

Love a. : ) 

If you want to see what Michelle has to offer, head on over. She is an amazing artist herself. I love her products and use them daily.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from a grandma that was interested in a photo session as a gift to her family. Her son, daughter-in-law and 2 grand kids. They live in New Jersey and were coming in town for the holidays. As much as I wanted to take time off my heart just went out to her and if you know me very well, you know I cant say no to photo session because I LOVE doing them so much. Well, when I talked to MarieAnne and listened to her vision and what she had in mind I was Psyched to the hills. I had all kinds of ideas running through my head. 
So the day came and Ohh... wow... I fell in lOVE with them right away. The kids were so so cute and adorable. MarieAnne and her hubby were just the perfect couple. So we started out and did our thing and then my vision went right down the tube. I had planned a few things but sometimes things just don't go as planned which in this case was PERFECT !!! I truly just went with the flow of the kids. They wanted do things a little different which was fine by me and I am so glad. I love taking the cues and follow kids around and go with their vision. That's is what it's all about. 
So we ended up on the floor, had a tea session, did some family art work, walked in moms shoes, cuddle and snuggle, laughing and joking, tickles and acting silly plus stickers and colors. 
FUN ... FUN ... FUN ... 
I don't know how many images I took, but all i did was keep taking them and it was so hard to choose later which ones to pick. 

I am so so beyond happy I met this beautiful and wonderful family. 
I can NOT wait to do more sessions in their future and see the kids grow up. They are truly a picture perfect family. 

By the way... MarieAnne has a very very cool career. I just have to share this with you. Why ? You ask, well I simply never met anybody that has this kind of career. She designs children's perfume. How cool is that ? I mean really... so so cool. 

Dear MarieAnne and family, Thank you so so much for coming into my world and being part of it. You are all amazing and so very kind and wonderful. I appreciate your mother in law finding me and choosing me to take many beautiful portraits for you to enjoy a life time. I can not wait to see you guys again. 

Enjoy the images I am sharing here. 

Love, a. : )