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Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning News September 27, 2010

Good Morning ya"ll and happy Monday to you !!

Hope everyone  is doing well and you had a  good weekend. I think we are all starting to realize that fall is here and winter is coming sooner then we want to. Not sure if I am very happy about it though to be honest. Burrrrrr.... it's cold outside.  Our wood burning stove is going to get fired up real soon here, but  then again, there is nothing prettier then tree's changing leaves and warm blankest. Hot chocolate with REAL milk. No Mosquito's. Sweaters and Jeans. Ahhhhh that does sound kinda good now doesn't it ?

Anyway.... I had to share my new Prop story real quick. A few weeks ago I found a settee from Junk Warehouse in Barrington, Illinois. Loved that thing. Had to have it. Bought it. However,  it needed some serious TLC. So with a trip to the Library and reading up on how to reupholster. A trip to the fabric store with my very very good friend. Internet searches and purchases. Facebook polls.  Some You tube videos. 
I did it. 
This was actually my second piece of furniture I did and boy do I love doing reupholstering. So SO much fun. If you ever consider doing a piece, don't be afraid. Go for it. It really is not that difficult. 

I have lots of material left, so I am on the hunt for another piece of furniture.  Of course my hubby is not really that  thrilled with all the furniture being added to our house. hahahha ohh well....he'll still love me. 

Here are the before images. 

I think I removed  a few thousand nails, tags, staples. Shaved wood for padding as well as several layers of fabric and cotton padding. This is what it looked like.

I then re-screwed, re-nailed tighten and firmed everything up. Oiled the wood. Padded, nailed, glued, tagged, and re-upholstred the settee. This is what it looks like now. 

Not bad is it?  I LOVE it and so happy with the result. Thank you to my very very good friend and Junk Warehouse for finally achieving another one of my long dreams come true. : ))))

In other news... It's been real crazy here at my home. ER trips with my son who was sick, open house with Silpada Jewelry and Thirty-One Bags as well as my special promotion. Lots of photo sessions with lots of editing in the progress.  C...A...Z...Y...  : ) 

I'm going to try to do more image blogging during the week to make is a little easier for me. Otherwise it will take a long time every Sunday trying to post images and blog. With that said, I will post just a few today and more during the week. 

Remember October is fully booked and November is almost full. If you want to have a session before the holiday season or use images for holiday cards, please PLEASE call asap 224-629-0424 to reserve your spot. I will not be able to open any other appointments  as I am already booked tight. 

I did a photo shoot yesterday of a little cutie pie that's just 4 days old. Because she is so small and had a hard time keeping warm I just want to throw this out there, if babies weight 5 lbs or there about I will not be able to do any naked images from now on. It's just to risky for the baby and really not fun for them ( or me ). It broke my heart. We kept her wrapped up the whole time as well as heaters and warm cherry stone pillows trying to keep her warm.  The images are still very very cute and boy I cant wait for you to see. I told her mom we'll do another shoot in a month or so when she gets a little more chubbier. : ))) I cant wait. You know I LOVE babies.....

Alright.... I gotta get to my editing ... You all have a great week and check back often. 

Love, A. : ) 

~ The Carlson Family ~

Here we have a rocking awesome family ..... John Deere, Harley Davidson, Cowboy, fishing poles, horse, awesome family images and so much more. This family is by far one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I've known them for a long time and felt so honored when I was asked to take their family images. What a blast we had. Jody had so many ideas on what all we can do, I was just thrilled. I love it when I get this much input. It really tells me the family wants this as much as I do. I think I was there for 3 hours. But so worth every minute. I really didn't want to go home to be honest. I loved hanging with them. I can not wait for the next time. 

Jody and Corky and the entire Carlson Family ....thank you so so much. You guys mean the world to me and are such a wonderful and beautiful family. Love you all. : )

Aren't they just awesome ? 

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You Rock!! That sofa/Lounge is calling my name!!! Miss you!