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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning NEWS ~ September 13 2010

Monday Morning NEWS ~ September 13, 2010 

GOOD MORNING to you all !!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Spending it outside with this beautiful weather we are having right now. 

It was a sad remembrance day Saturday. 
September 11 2001 
The day that changed our lives. I don't think any of will ever forget. It has changed us all in one way or the other . We all talk about it, hear about daily and still to this day try to figure out  "WHY".  Most of us will always remember where we were when it happened. Where were you ? 

I was working at the fire house in Cary. Chief called us in to look at the TV, which we were clued in front of in disbelieve. I remember my dad was out of town somewhere and I was in a panic because I could not get a hold of him on his cell phone. It was a nightmare. I remember no airplanes in the sky. The endless feeling of wanting to help but not being able to do so. Within hours the guys from the firehouse talking about going to New York to help. Firemen taking trips to New York for Funerals of other brothers and sisters. The constant news broadcast and not being able to turn it off. The money donations. T-shirts and hats being made.  So So much.....

To all the people that lost their lives that day 
To their families and friends
To all the soldiers still over there
To all the soldiers that lost their lives
To all the soldiers that came home 
Their families and friends
To all the people that it has effected since then 
To all the workers suffering now with tremendous health issues

I am so so sorry and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God bless you !!!

Which I just need to say this 

Jason McLeod 

You will always be remembered and loved. Especially this past Saturday but more so today and in the coming up days and month. 

Your daughters Birthday is today. I know you are watching over her. 

Happy Birthday little Jocelyn McLeod. 
We love you !!!!!

~  * ~

Back to our regular NEWS Now .....

Things are hopping here. WOOHOOOO 

I am catching up with editing like a real champ.
Courtney has been helping me a ton getting organized.
October is full with session.
November does still have a few openings. 

If you want to get images for Christmas cards this year call soon. 
I have decided to do limited Christmas cards designs this year. I will have them posted in the next few weeks. 

October Fest ....ja hey there..... 
I have some authentic german bavarian outfits. Brand new. My boys just don't have the interest to waer them. So if you want to do a session with your little boy or girl, call me. It be so cute and fun. 

Aren't they just so flipping cute. Golly I am so homesick looking at these. 

What's coming up ?????? 
What's in the forecast ????

Little boys and fishing poles
Girl with horse
Maternity images of a out of this world lady 
Senior in HOT PINK dress

Sooooo excited !!!!

~ * ~ 

Now here are the Monday's new 
 .... images ... 

Have fun Looking !!!! 

~ * ~ 

Little  Matthew and Sean 

 I am SO in LOVE with this these little boys. I mean just look at them. Could you not eat them just up ? They was so much fun. Sean was not happy until he sat in a chair. Just a riot. 

Thanks Kimmie .... your boys are beautiful !!!

~ * ~

Next up we have 5 day old baby T. Ohhh My gosh. If you were to look up perfection in the dictionary, I swear there would be a picture of her right next to it.  I mean, it cant get better then that. Or is it just because I LOVE babies ? Noooo she is perfect. 

Congratulations Michelle and Matt. Bradley you were amazing. You've grown so so much. 
Cant wait to do more session of them all. : ) 

I just have to add... my mom was gonna pitch that basket. No way mamma  I said,  of course took it before she can give it to the garbage man. I mean, I remember this basket as long as I can way way back. It made it all the way from germany when we moved here. It's a heirloom now and prop. : )))

~ * ~

High School Senior - LaCross Player - Cary-Grove High school - Cute - Handsome  - super personality - 

Mr. Steven 

Go check him out .......

Thanks Steven... you did awesome. I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing you achieve your big plans you have for your future. I know you'll do awesome !! 

~ * ~ 

Little lady K. oh so cute.... 

This is one of my favorite little ladies... golly she puts a smile on my face each and every time. I LOVE when they come see me every couple months. Did I mention they drive 6 hours every time .... YES... they LOVE me. Plus the outfits they bring... wow.... I am so in love with every one of them. 

Thank you Jamie and Meredith .. You guys are the best. Just love it.... and Lady K. too. 

That's it for now..... phewww there is a lot of images.... hope you enjoyed them. I know I did....

See ya next week. 

Love, a. : ) 

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