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Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Morning News August 2nd 2010

Morning News 

August 2 2010 

I'm on time... with morning news

I'm so excited !!!

 Here is the news for the day 

1. Fall is going to be here before you know it. If you want to schedule your family portraits you may want to call soon.
Sessions fill up fast and are available.
Weekends are very limited and go fast.


2. I am no longer able to schedule appointments via email. If you wish to book sessions please call the studio. Thank you 

3. I got a new Back Drop and very excited for you to see and use. My buddy John Boy will be helping me make a stand for the beauty. Thanks to my friend KK who helped me pick it out. 

4. New prices have been set and you will LOVE them. If you wish to have more info just call the Studio. 

5. My New Assistant will also be starting very soon. For now I'm keeping her a secret. :)))))

6. Summer, Summer, I LOVE doing sessions in the summer. I have a few opening for August. If you want to have a session in a beautiful location I have plenty to to offer. One being a secret location. 

7. Seniors !!! Class of 2011 !! Get a head start on your Senior Portrait sessions before school starts. It's fun to be ahead and have sessions done with me. We can jam some music of your taste, do a best friend session etc. What ever you want it will be fun for sure. 

8. AT&T is still working hard on my Internet connections. What a nightmare though. Yikes....

9. To all my current clients waiting for your proof. Bare with me... I am working as hard and as fast as possible. I've had a couple sick kids which slowed me down quite a bit. But I am catching up and it will be worth it. Thank you !!

10. Baby Registry .... New Moms come register with me. I know you need clothes, toys, bottles etc.. but how about beautiful images of your new baby. Call the studio for details. 

Okay .. so I think that's enough news for a Monday. Don't you think ? 

As always I am posting new images and there are quite a few. Get a  cup of java and sit back and enjoy the images. 

Until next week!!

Love a. :))

I had the great honor of being asked again to take some images of our US Soldiers. 
Of course I was thrilled and excited. 
However when I met those two ladies .. I at first was really kind of intimidated.
I mean... they work with bombs.
But after a few minutes I loosened up and WOW did we have fun. 
They were such a riot. Funny. Beautiful. Goofy. 
Yet so proper and correct. 

Girls it was an Honor to meet you. May your future be bright and successful. 
Be safe in Afghanistan and Japan. 

Thank you to the both of you for doing what you do. 
God Bless the USA !!

Remember .....  Viviana - Audrey  + Daniel ?

Their mom had the great idea of doing 4th of July sessions every year. All their birthdays are around the same time. So instead of doing birthday sessions she choose to do 4th of July sessions every year. I feel honored to be doing them every year. Plus I think it's so cool. Different and unique. 
I LOVE it .... plus I get to see them grow up. 
The kids and I are getting really attached to each other. Daniel is still a little hard nut to crack, but every year he feels more comfortable with me and my camera. Hopefully by the time he get's married he'll be smiling all the time. :)))))))

Thank you for looking .....hope you enjoyed the images. 

PS: how do you like the new BLOG look. I had to change it. The other one was just too busy for me. 

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