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Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning NEWS

Monday Morning News

June 29 2010 

I'm back home from my vacation visiting my family and friends in Germany. 

It was good to get away and get some much needed and deserved rest. 

My credit goes to those that fly and travel a lot more then me. 

3 hour road trip 
6 hour delay at the airport 
10 hour flight

I am not sure how you do that stuff all the time. 
I think I need another vacation just from getting home last night. 

Today I think things will be back in full swing though,

 home and here at PBAD. 

For now I will leave yo with some images from my trip. 

More to come I promise.

Talk to you soon, 

Love a. :) 


Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Morning NeWs June 21, 2010


Surprise Surprise

I am in Germany

Yup !! :) 

On Vacation
visiting my family and friends
10 days 

Without my kids and hubby 

I miss them terribly and cant wait to come back home in a few days. 

I will post pictures asap 

Love a. :) 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning News June 14 2010


In all honesty ... I don't have any or much until next week. 
I cant say any more then that. You will have to come back next week and I will SHOCK you. 
You will be surprised. 
Seriously.... not kidding .

For now, I just want to say 


to you 
for making my dreams come true. 
Becoming not only my clients but friends. It is such an honor and a privilege.
I just love it. Taking images of you and your loved ones is without a doubt the best job ever. It doesn't even seem like a job, it's my love, my passion. My fourth baby. Without you, this dream of mine, would not be possible. 
Thank you !!!
2 weeks ago I met the very talented Sarah Barlow
It was such a pleasure. Loved listening to her and most of all learning from her. We had such a good time. Laughing and talking, drinking coffee and eating.  
I can not wait to see her again some time. 

Thank you Sarah.. you are one very talented Lady !
I am getting ready to put together a Fall special. 
Watch out for that to be posted some time soon. 
July and August are just about full with sessions. 
I am starting to book into September. I would LOVE to get your session booked so give me ring soon. 
I've had some amazing sessions in the past 2 weeks and can not wait to show you. 
Some people are amazing ... just amazing 
WOW is all I can say 
That is it for Monday Morning NEWS 
Talk to you all soon, 
Love a. :) 

Please enjoy the pictures below of some beautiful beautiful people.... 

Thank you for looking .. come back soon . :)))

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monday Morning News ~ June 1 2010

Monday Morning News 

June 1, 2010 

The first thing I need to say this morning is 


" HuRrY HoMe " 

This is a dear dear friend of mine. She is the only one that I know of that looks forward to and reads my Monday Morning News. She has been gone what seems like a year to help her wonderful mother and I just wanted to take this time to make a personal shout out to her. I know it will make her day. 

" I love you " 

Okay now back to our regular broadcast 

The news this hot June morning is gonna be just that 



June is Full of appointments. 
July's weekend appointments are almost full. 
If you want a weekend session Please please please call soon. 
I will not be able to open any more weekend sessions.


I got a phone call from Canon thanking me for my recent purchases. hahaha just kidding.... 
I can not wait for my new lens to get here. 
I am very very excited


Sunday June 6,2010
I am going to meet 
the VeRy talented, awesome and beautiful....

Sarah Barlow

can you say
" woot woot woot " 

Ohh yeahh 
I am very very very excited

I will take some pictures and post them next week.

If you want to check her out before, take a look: 

Ohh, did I mention she is from Nashville 

Shoots this week and weekend have been awesome and I can't wait to share them with you. You will be amazed where I went and what was involved. 


Bags Bags Bags

**** I have bags for sale ****

If you want one, give me a shout. 

You know you want one

I know, you need one


I know you deserve one

All recent clients can still order one with no min. fee required. 

Aren't they sweet : ) 


Well I think that about the wraps it up for Monday Morning News of June 1, 2010

Ya'll have a good week and stay cool. 

Leaving you with some images from my recent sessions, 
until next week 

Love, a. :) 

Do you remember the identical twin girls from last year ? 
They just turned 1

Can you believe that ? 

Happy Birthday Grace and Samantha


Congratulation JD 
Class of 2010

The Girls - my girls - or so I wish ......

Goddaughter  - close enough right ? 

The two beautiful + lovely McLeod Ladies !!!

Thanks for stopping !!!