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Monday, April 5, 2010

New News !!!


I'm going to start a new thing here at PBAD ( Photography by Alexandra Delatorre) 



this will give you update 

I hope you will enjoy reading it every monday morning
and  of course any other day :) 

So do I have news ? 

of course

1.  We will be selling new products sometime really soon and I cant tell you yet what it is but I know you will love it. I am very excited to share it all with you. Stay tuned. 

2.  I went to a super seminar the other day and learned so much. Changes will be coming to PBAD with the better for you all. 

3. Don't  forget about the Mothers day or Fathers day Special still going on. It would make a great gift. Call soon. 

4. All Senior Portraits Models have been chosen. Can't wait to show you my new 2011 Models. YAY :) 

5. The weather is finally getting great out. Outside sessions can soon begin. I am very very  excited and look forward to finally start shooting outside again. 

6. I am  now selling art on Etsy. If your interested in purchasing prints for you home feel free to contact me or make your purchase on Etsy directly. There will be more prints coming very soon. 
I attached the link for you to visit. Thank you so much.

I hope you all had a wonderful easter. Ate lots of food and spend time with your loved ones. 

Now go out and enjoy the beautiful weather 

Until next week !!

Love, a. :) 

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