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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lady "K"

Ahhh lady "K" check her out. 
She is a beauty - so cute and adorable.
A little teaser too.
Everytime, I walked away with the camera she would smile ear to ear for her daddy.
Her daddy is her biggest fan let me tell you. Her mommy of course too, but her daddy.... wow. 
The outfits they brought to the shoot were out of this world cute. Made me think for just a quick second of having another baby. A second that was it. ha ha

 Anyway her parents ROCK !!! They are so cool and laid back, funky and hip, wonderful and fun couple with a beautiful baby.

Oh did I mention they drove 4 + hours just for this shoot. 

So go check her out......

Love, a. :) 

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