Don't wait... Life is too short

Monday, March 22, 2010

Attention First Time Mommies

Are you a gonna be a new Mom for the first time ? 
Congratulations !!

So, you're going to have a baby shower or two
and going to have to register for all that cute baby stuff

Well, the one thing everyone always forgets about, is pictures. 

So come register with me. 

Your family and friends can help you achieve 
all the picture you wish to have 
this way. 


We offer packages to make it easier and cheaper for you!

Call and we can chat over the details. 


PS: I wanted to tell you that for newborn infants I almost always travel to you. This way you can relax and be at ease and not have to worry about a thing. 

Love, a   :) 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lady "K"

Ahhh lady "K" check her out. 
She is a beauty - so cute and adorable.
A little teaser too.
Everytime, I walked away with the camera she would smile ear to ear for her daddy.
Her daddy is her biggest fan let me tell you. Her mommy of course too, but her daddy.... wow. 
The outfits they brought to the shoot were out of this world cute. Made me think for just a quick second of having another baby. A second that was it. ha ha

 Anyway her parents ROCK !!! They are so cool and laid back, funky and hip, wonderful and fun couple with a beautiful baby.

Oh did I mention they drove 4 + hours just for this shoot. 

So go check her out......

Love, a. :) 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

~ * Seniors 2011 * ~

Seniors 2011

It's  your time to schedule 

your Senior Sessions !!!

Your almost there and you deserve this 

So don't wait 

me !!!


Love,  a.  :) 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The eggs

I have a neighbor. 
He rocks. 
He is way cool. 
He knows what I love.

I have another neighbor. 
She rocks too.
She is way cool too.
She also knows what I love.

Those 2 neighbors are married
to each other

They brought me Eggs
Fresh Eggs
From Real Chickens
A Real Farm 

Fresh Farm Eggs are the best 

I love my neighbors 
Thank you 
you mean the world 
to me 
and my 
family !!1 

Love you both a. :) 

Friday, March 5, 2010

The nurse... that I'll never forget !!!

Okay so I have to tell you, when my last son was born I had this outstanding - out of this world nurse. She was fun, good, smart, cute and most of all just there for me. The care she provided for me and my family was unforgettable. I forever will be greatful and will never forget her. 
So to make a long story short and to get to the point, now it was my turn. I got to do something for her. 
That's right, take pictures of her family. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time. However, we had fun and it turned out pretty awesome I say. She called me, just about in tears telling how much she loves the images. Guess what, another moment I wont forget... ever. 

So please let me introduce you to 
( drums please ...... ) 

 ~..~ Becky  ~ .. ~

her very handsome hubby ( Dr. )  and her very very cute girls. 

Thank you Becky, you will forever be in my heart. Every time I look at my Kasey Trae and think back when he was born you automatically are there too. 
 Enjoy the pictures and have fun !!!

Cant wait to see you this summer !!! 

Love a.   :) 


To my friends out there 

Okay so I have to leave you with a message and a thought. If there is or was a person in your life that means or has left you with a huge impact. Has influenced your life in a mass like no other. Has given you  a positive outlook and hope. Courage and dreams. Thankfulness and kindness. Respect and joy. 
Maybe even so much more and so many other positive things. Things you had no idea even existed until you read this right now. 


Write them a note - call them - Thank them - 

It's never to late

You will feel so GOOD. You will be amazed how wonderful the other person will feel. 
They will thank you. 

You will be so proud and thank yourself. 

It is that what we need to do more and more and more. 
Just a little bit at a time 
just a little bit 
eventually everything 
will look 
 little brighter

Think about it 
Let me know 


Becky probably never knew how much of a remembrance she had left with me 
how much positive 
how much live
she has given me
how much I appreciated her 
How many times I thank my lucky stars she was my nurse
I don't remember my other nurses from my previous kids
well guess what

She does now 


The twin girls are 9 months old

Remember the twins?   

You know,  Sam and Grace......

They are 9 months old 


Did I just not photograph them in that cute little basket? 
Are you serious ? 

As a matter of fact, their mom is already thinking about Birthday party, invitations etc. 

WOW is all I can say

time flies 

in high speed

@ 100 mph 

Plus they are so cute ~ the girls ~ 

Bill better start loading up on amo right now!!

Go check them out. 

Love a. :) 

Kelly + Bill, Luv ya - thank you as always !! 


Check out little Aleks ... he has grown so much. I can't believe actually how much he has grown. 
He was such a trooper. He was I think 4 weeks early and surly made up for it. His Mom and Dad are the best. Such beautiful people. 

Kendra and Art  - Thank you for sharing this little guy with me and ( us ). Can't wait for more. :) 
Love, a.  :)