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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mother and Father Day Special

I know it's a tat early, however I wanted to get this special out to you as soon as possible since we are all such busy families now days. 
So take a look - give me a call so we can talk details.

There are packages available for this event 
It is only for a limited time 

In the mean time ask your kids some funky and special questions. Write them down and bring them with you. 

Would LOVE to do this with you!!! 

We'll have a blast plus your loved ones will love it !!

This makes also a great Grandparents gift 

Love, a. :) 

In the mean time don't forget about our other event

Are you Americas Cutest Family ??? 

There is still time to enter in the:

This event is so exciting and for such a good cause. I hope you give it a chance. 
Did I mention you could win a new CAR !!!


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