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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The one and only beautiful Michelle

Business owner
Mother & Wife
Sister & Daughter

I believe there are certain people in our life that were meant to be. She is one of them. I mean the minute we started talking I know there was something special about her. Her photo shoot ended up being a 3 hour event. Coffee, talking, taking pictures, more talking, well and then more talking. It was so much fun. 
Michelle has made a lasting impression on me. My spirits and believes have been lifted. My passion and soul were woken up. 

I wish all of you can have a Michelle in your lives. I am happy to have found mine. Knowing she will be here for me as I will for her. 

Dear Michelle - Thank you !!!! Thank you !!!! You are one incredible and beautiful lady. 

 Please enjoy some of this one amazing lady 

Love a. :) 

If you would like some information on Michelle's Company here it is:

1 comment:

michelle sylvia said...


You are so wonderful my sweet friend!!! You brought me to tears when I read this!!! DITTO my sweet friend....DITTO!!! I am so lucky to know you and have had the pleasure to be able to be showered with your amazing artistic talent!!!

THANK YOU!!! Love You Sweet Friend!