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Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Remembrance

I wanted to share with you "my little soldier"
That is what I called his pictures anyway.  
 He was my first soldier I ever photographed I thought it was okay to give him that title.
to me he was Jason McLeod 
a family friend I've got to known, fell in love with, adored, and honor 
and so much more.
I did multiple sessions together with his beautiful wife Aimee and daughter Jocelyn

The three of them grew on me quite a bit to say the least. You see he is an Army man and one would never exactly know when he was in town. So shoots were sometimes spontaneous with lots of fun and laughter. 

 Jason was killed in action in Afghanistan November 23, 2009 

I will miss my little soldier 

~ Thank you ~ May you rest in peace ~ 

Sgt. Jason A. McLeod
was 22 years old

Please enjoy the pictures. He did. He loved them. I love them. 


~  Please support our troops   ~


Cindy Alderton said...

i got to you through my FB page, somehow. This post left me breathless and with tears in my eyes. I, too, am a photographer and mom to a soldier. How fortunate this family was that you were able to capture these spectacular and precious images. That anyone would have guessed how precious they would can you not have anyone grow on you when recording these events? You are a special person. Bless you...Cindy

Anonymous said...

What a precious child! How wonderful it must be to know how your children/grandchildren look. I'm a deserted grandmother who has no idea what her children, or grandchildren look like and don't know why I've been shut out of their lives. Parents give and love to the best of their ability, but sometimes, I suppose these things happen. Thank you for sharing the pictures for others to appreciate.