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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer is coming to and END :(

Hey Ya'll

I feel I haven't posted anything in forever. Which really means I've just been super busy. I tried to enjoy a few days with the kids before school started in between lost of Photo shoots. So I took them up to Michigan and a few other exciting adventures. But you know what I've come to realize .... Blueberry season means summer is coming to an end. Cramming in as many things with the kids before school starts means summer is coming to an end. School started today and yes....I think summer is coming to an end. Then there are the little things that remind us, you know: Mums are on sale now, flowers are dying, driveways are being sealed left and right, there is Christmas stuff already on the shelves at stores, magazines are talking about comfort foods and Apples etc.
I should be excited, I love fall and all, but I really do love this nice weather and people are so much happier.

For now enjoy the rest of the summer days and come check back often because I do have lots to show you in the next few weeks. High school seniors, babies and toddlers. So much fun.

I will leave you with two pictures. One I love to look at and eat and the other... well, really it should be called an Ocean not a lake. lol

Love, A.

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