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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miracle times two

There are Miracles in life did you know that? 

I never was a big believer in miracles. I honestly have to say that. 
I mean I knew it was possible and perhaps a little true but I was more of a realistic person with medical explanations. My mind has changed since meeting Kelly and Nathan. You see, Nathan is a miracle by itself that took 3+ years in the making. Okay  fine, you say, that happens all the time. Yes it does, but for some it doesn't so when it does happen it is truly a miracle. However, when then Mom dies x 2 and ends up in the ICU for  a week due to several and severe major health issues that nobody was aware of after giving birth and doctors and nurses walking past her room when she was recovering saying " This is the one, she's alive ".
That IS a Miracle.
You see, Kellys mom passed away 6 months before Nathan was born. Did she have something to do with it? I believe so, most definite. Perhaps God and her.
 And let's not forget the nurses and doctors, because realistically + medically it was almost impossible.
So it is a MIRACLE that Kelly is with us today.
Her hubby, Nathan, family and friends I am sure think the same way. 

To Kelly and Nathan, her family and friends, 
I hope the future will bring you nothing but beautiful days filled with laughter and sunshine with nothing but good health.

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