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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Special connection you can see and feel

Special Connections we all have with our children. No doubt.
There is mother and daughter,
Father and daughter.
Dad and son.
But then however, there is Mother and Son.
For those of you that have sons know exactly what it is I am talking about.
Its something that we can not explain to it's fullest but rather feel and possibly show.
Well here we have Kathleen and Jack who both have become not only clients but friends.
The connection, emotions, mutual respect, compassion and LOVE that these to have for each other is above and beyond anything I have yet seen. I've seen it before, but only on those two. I can not describe how happy I am to capture those two on film. To hold on for the both of them and the generations to come to never forget the LOVE they have for each other. For the rest of us to see that really nothing else matters than our children.

To Kathleen and Jack,
Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you
You have taught me so much.
I know your going to find this hard to believe Kathleen but you really did.

For Baby ?
May you have a wonderful arrival trip. Be healthy and well.
I know your Mom & Dad and brother Jack can't wait to meet you.
Get ready because you too will be loved above and beyond your expectations.

~ Enjoy the pictures ~

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