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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preschool Park Day

Went to my son's Preschool Park day and just had a blast chasing all the kids.  I just wish I can bottle up some of their energy and take a sip every once in while. 
To the Moms that were so kind for letting me post these pictures, 
Thank you !!
May we have a wonderful summer and see each other often


Born together
Friends forever
Identical twins is what we are

Meet Grace and Samantha
10 days old 
When I first met them I had tears in my eyes. They are beautiful beyond believe. Perfection without a doubt and so pure. 
Innocent, magical and so tiny. 
I fell in love with these little ones without a doubt and can't wait to see them grow up and watch their journey thru life. 
Billy and Kelly 
with Big sister Katelyn !!

Confirmation Angel

Kimmy here is one of my first clients that I just fell in love with. She is a very funny and pretty little lady. When her Mom called and asked if I could shoot her Communion I did not even hesitate a second. 
Congratulations Kimmy 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rockin Busy

Helllllooooo my friends, 

I have not forgotten to post for you all, just been busy. Soon to come are my recent sessions of Communion, 10 day old identical twins and  play sessions at the park. 
The question is will you be able to tell the twins apart? I know I can. It's a secret which I will share later on. :) 
Also I've been busy with attending more Webinars. Those things are just so cool. 

So keep a look out for new pictures to come soon 

:) Alexandra 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Orlando Florida

I went on vacation a couple weeks ago and  had to share a few pictures with you all. The girls and I went on a quick much needed 4 day getaway. Enjoy the pictures and if you haven't been in Orlando go, it's beautiful. :) 

Pretty Women - and pregnant too

Meet Jill. 
Is she not beautiful? I mean pregnant or not, she is simply beautiful. To top it all off, she is already 36 weeks pregnant when we did this shoot - with TWINS. Yes with Twins. A boy and a girl. Yay. I am very excited and can't wait to meet the babies. So here is to you Jill and babies....
May the rest of your pregnancy go smoothly as it has been and your delivery even better- healthy and well for the 3 of you. Love ya :) 

Check out the pictures and don't be shy on leaving some feedback.